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and agreed that it was wrong. But she found herself actually drooling as she watched Mindy licking the length of her brother's rock-hard cock and swallowing his pre-cum. It was something the older woman secretly longed to experience. Mindy was obviously having such a good time, moaning as she sucked her brother's swollen cockhead into her mouth and swallowed the juices leaking from his eager young prick. Roy got flushed in the face and started panting and breathing heavily. His cock gave lusty jerks under his sister's greedily lashing tongue. "Hey, Sis," Eddie chuckled, "why don't you go all the way and suck the kid off?" "I'm not a kid," Roy objected. "Okay, okay," Eddie said soothingly, "but how'd you like her to give you a blow job?" "I'd love it," Roy leered. "Mmmmmmm, guess I better give him what he wants then, right Eddie?" Mindy grinned. "Yeah, we wanta keep him happy," Eddie agreed. Mindy opened her lips wide and slid them down over the granite column of her little brother's cock. His eyes rolled back in his head and closed in total bliss as she sheathed his young meat in the steamy wetness of her mouth. Her cheeks drawn in, her head bobbing briskly, she began to suck him off. Joan's mouth actually began to water she watched her daughter suck on her youngest son's cock. And, despite everything she thought was holy and righteous, she couldn't stop her traitorous pussy from creaming helplessly at the incredibly erotic sight. "Awwwwww, yeah, Sis, suck it!" Roy groaned. Eddie was getting turned on, too.... his cock springing up rigid and ready as he watched his sexy sister blowing their kid brother. But this time he didn't have to wait to use her cunt. It was all ready for him, and all he had to do was kneel behind the horny slut and stuff his prick into her. What were sisters like Mindy for anyway, if not to fuck, he chuckled to himself. She was the kind of girl who could never say no to a stiff, ready prick. Eddie's diagnosis proved correct as Mindy shivered happily and gave a muffled gurgle of pleasure as he slid the entire length of his cock into her hot little nympho pussy. "Unnnhhh, shit, yeah," he moaned. "Tiiight, hotttt cuuunnnnt!!" Mindy was wildly turned on as she took on two cocks at the same time. Eddie really had some terrific ideas. She felt wonderful stabs of pleasure as he worked his throbbing prick in her clasping little pussy from behind, fucking her so forcefully that her lips were pressed into Roy's pubic hair as she deep-throated the loudly-moaning young boy. At last she was finally getting all the cock she wanted. "Mmmmmm, uunmmmm," she moaned. Eddie knew that his sexy big sister was extremely excited taking two cocks at once, even though she had her mouth crammed with cock and couldn't speak. Her tight, juicy-wet cunt got hot as fire around his prick, and it throbbed and sucked and clamped. She sucked faster and faster on Roy's prick, making obscene wet slurping sounds that echoed through the room and drove them all to a fever pitch of lust. "Oh, Christ! Suck hard, Sis! I'm gonna come," Roy yelped, attempting to pull back before he shot his load. "It's okay, kid... she loves to swallow," Eddie told him. "Let her have it!" And a second later they did... from both ends! "Ahhhhhhh, shit, aaaggghhhhh!" Roy bellowed, filling his sister's hot, sucking mouth with a belly-load of sperm. Eddie orgasmed into her hotly-sucking cunt only seconds later. "UNNNGHHHHHH, JEEEESSSUS! SHIT, SIS, TAKE MY CUM UP YOUR HOT FUCKIN' CUNT, YOU GORGEOUS SLUT!!!" Eddie yelled, not caring who heard them. Mindy spun into a violent climax as she took her two brother's huge hot loads of sperm in her cunt and mouth at the same time. She was going to have to congratulate Eddie on his wild idea. She loved taking on both her horny little brothers at the same time. This way they could all have fun together, with no jealousy, and most importantly... no waiting! But Mindy didn't get a chance to tell her brothers anything. They'd hardly finished coming when the bedroom door burst open and their Mom charged in. Her face was scarlet, and she was trying to say something but couldn't get the words out. It became painfully clear to the kids that she'd been watching them through the keyhole and had seen every kinky thing they'd done. "Oh-oh, guys," Mindy moaned, "I think we're in real deep shit!" Now that she was in the room, Joan didn't know what to say. She knew she ought to put a stop to the outrageous things her children were doing, but she couldn't seem to find the words. Confronting the three naked kids, all she could do was stammer and blush. That gave Mindy time to come up with a plan. She knew they had to win their Mom over to their side, otherwise there'd be hell to pay. Mindy didn't like to think about the consequences if Mom told their Dad what she'd seen. But something about her mother's flushed face and confused manner gave Mindy an idea. It just might work, too, she thought with a smile. Their Mom couldn't help staring at the boy's erect cocks.